How To PastaDrop

  1. You Pick an Unsuspecting Friend
  2. Fate Decides the Amount of Pasta
  3. You Both Share a Laugh

Drop Four

The Ziti

PastaDrop #4: A Little Something Dangerous!


For our fourth drop, Horton Clegg and his team of pasta engineers wanted to try something edgier. And so, instead of looking to the world of art or literature, they instead sought inspiration from a famous pair of criminals: Maude and Larry Fine.

Operating out of Las Vegas in the 1960s, their scheme was simple. Mrs. Fine would set up at a casino bar. She’d find someone who’d had a little too much to drink, and assess how much cash he had on his person. If the target seemed flush with funds, she’d begin flirting. According to victims, Mrs. Fine was extremely charming. So charming, in fact, that she was able to convince many of them that they ought to get married right that moment. She would then lure them to an abandoned wedding chapel off the Strip where, of course, Mr. Fine would be waiting with a club and two options for how to proceed: the easy way or the hard way.

They averted authorities for nearly a decade. Many of the men were too embarrassed to report the crime, while those who did had no idea how to locate the chapel, given they were inebriated at the time, and also given the ever-changing circuitous route through a number of casino-floors Mrs. Fine took to bring them there.

Horton Clegg’s reason for modeling a pasta after the Fines? Excitement.

“We obviously believe noodles can be beautiful,” Clegg explains, “but what about exciting? What about sexy? Thrilling? Maybe a little dangerous? We wanted to push the limits, to create a noodle that demands the eater acknowledge there’s more than meets the eye.”

And they have done that with this latest noodle: the ziti, or “bridegroom”!

Key Features and Specifications

  • Dynamic bake-ready design: Compatible with both tomato sauces and cheeses, the ziti is begging to be layered in a pan with both and baked into a deliciously innovative multi-textured meal!

  • Tube-Tek® Optimized: Using the latest in gluten technology, the ziti maintains a round tubular shape with an empty center allowing for sauce coverage inside and out!

  • Premier Necklace-ability: Thanks to the aforementioned Tube-Tek® Optimization, ziti is not only a food; it can also serve as the beads for a beautiful rustic necklace!

Hollow, tubular pasta:

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