Pasta Photoshop Contest


While we’re waiting for our first Drop, how about a Photoshop contest? Let’s keep it simple - add pasta or pasta-related things to the best movie scenes, TV scenes, movie posters, what-have-you.

Obviously film stills are fine, but if you’ve got video chops, or at least ambitions, let’s see 'em! I may see if I can convince some old Photoshop contest faves to come up with some video hacks.

Oh, and feel free to throw the PastaDrop logo and/or site name in, or don’t. If you’re feeling ambitious, throw this bumper at the end of your video:

As far as timeline, let’s let this go into next week, say end of day Wednesday. And prize-wise, I’ll probably hand out free PastaDrops to the top however many (top being judged by star votes or just ones I like).

Here’s a couple examples I put together to help lower the bar: