How To PastaDrop

  1. You Pick an Unsuspecting Friend
  2. Fate Decides the Amount of Pasta
  3. You Both Share a Laugh

Drop One

The Spaghettini

PastaDrop #1: A Cinematic Treat

Welcome to PastaDrop, the site for connecting with friends and family members via bulk pasta deliveries. For our first offering, we have something very special in store!


For inspiration in designing our first noodle, lead pasta engineer Horton Clegg turned to someone outside the culinary world: Italian filmmaker Vincenzo Albretti (1923-1996).

Called “the man who brought scrawn to the big screen” (Hal Jeffers, New York Times), “Sergio Lean” (Omar Mendoza, The Washington Post), and “the dehydrator of high noon” (Helen Wittson, The Chicago Tribune), Albretti set himself apart among Western directors with an interesting technique. He assigned his actors set amounts of sauna time before they were to film a given scene.

The result? According to Clegg, exhilarating:

“The flailing of the gaunt limbs. The sunken cheeks. The woozy desperation of major stars like Buck Helm and Gigi Strum, usually portraits of good health and grooming, as they move through the frames, their bodies spindly, their shirts blooming with perspiration–it all brought an utterly new energy to what was, in many ways, a formulaic genre. That’s what we wanted to do with our first offering. We wanted to bring [Albretti’s] vision to the plate. Or bowl.”

And he and his team of pasta engineers did just that with the spaghettini: a thin, versatile noodle like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Key Features & Specifications

  • Increased twirl-ability: with its narrow girth but nonetheless sturdy construction, the spaghettini can be twirled around the eater’s fork 1.63 to 2.05 times more than bulkier noodles!

  • LimberTek® Optimized: despite appearing long and sleek at first, the spaghettini will conform to any eating vessel thanks to patented LimberTek® technology; simply add the spaghettini to boiling water, and watch as it softens for unrivaled versatility in serving!

  • Universal compatibility guaranteed: the spaghettini is compatible with tomato-based sauces, cream-based sauces, butter-based sauces, broth-based sauces, and much more; really, if it’s a sauce, you can pour it over some of this innovative new noodle!

Who are you sending your first PastaDrop to?

  • My parents
    My parents
  • A sibling
    A sibling
  • My best friend
    My best friend
  • A friend I'm trying to reconnect with
    A friend I'm trying to reconnect with
  • My neighbor
    My neighbor
  • The grumpy old man up the street whose cold heart will only be warmed by bulk dry pasta
    The grumpy old man up the street whose cold heart will only be warmed by bulk dry pasta
  • Uh... a person who has my name... and lives in my house
    Uh... a person who has my name... and lives in my house
  • Someone else (comment, please!)
    Someone else (comment, please!)
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