How To PastaDrop

  1. You Pick an Unsuspecting Friend
  2. Fate Decides the Amount of Pasta
  3. You Both Share a Laugh

Drop Two

The Penne Rigate

PastaDrop #2: A Literary Masterpiece!

Drop One proved to be a rousing success, selling out just a day after it launched. But if you missed out, don’t worry; this week’s drop is just as exciting!


For our second noodle, lead pasta engineer Horton Clegg sought inspiration from a trip he took last summer to Scotland. Namely, he wanted to capture the majesty of one particular excursion to the famous Baillie’s Cave, just south of Kerrysdale.

As the story goes, Scottish Novelist John Baillie left the pub one warm night in Autumn 1922 on foot. But he never made it home. For many years, his disappearance was the stuff of local legend. Some thought he’d decided to leave human civilization in order to live the life of the wood nymphs so prevalent in his many great works. Others thought he’d run off to America and adopted a new name to pursue a career in the then young film industry.

His chief literary rival, Maggie Coates, believed none of this. In a letter to the author Nathaniel Garrison, she famously wrote: “I will not abide by this myth making. Likely all that has occurred is that [Baillie] decided, in his inebriation, to take a shortcut home, and somewhere along the way, he fell into a hole and died there.”

Unfortunately, Coates turned out to be correct. Baillie’s skeletal remains were found at the bottom of a 12 foot deep cave in 1967. But he had left something marvelous behind: using only a pigeon feather, he managed to scratch out one final manuscript upon the cave walls. Many editors have tried to transcribe it for publication in print, but the Baillie family refuses, so that the only way one may read the novel is to visit the cave itself.

Clegg describes his experience visiting the site: “It’s a remarkable place. In the corner, the skeleton is on display, the empty rib cage showing the fallibility of humankind. And yet, the walls tell a different story. And I don’t just mean the story the words themselves tell, either, which is fantastic, by the way. The reveal? That McElroy was a troll in disguise all along? Perfection! What I’m talking about is the story of the story, which is to say, the story of humankind’s ingenious attempts to leave something that will endure the passage of time better than their mortal bodies. And so I wanted to create a noodle that captured all of this: the ribs over here, the work of the quill over there, and the cave itself, an unseen place of beautiful secrets.”

And he and his team of pasta engineers have done just that with the penne rigate!

Key Features and Specifications

  • Compact, fork-friendly design: Designed with convenience in mind, the penne rigate is small enough to fit on just about any plate or bowl, and offers universal fork puncture-ability!

  • Features HollowTek® Optimization: Outfitted with a hollow center for catching and holding sauce, each penne rigate is a veritable cave-of-wonders, an exciting journey of culinary discovery!

  • Ribbed for your pleasure: Ridges on the side of each noodle stimulate tastebuds for a maximal flavor intensity!

What do you look for in a noodle?

  • Aerodynamic shapes
    Aerodynamic shapes
  • Maximum sauce coverage potential
    Maximum sauce coverage potential
  • Compartments for sauce storage
    Compartments for sauce storage
  • Twirl-ability
  • Fork puncture-ability
    Fork puncture-ability
  • Alexa compatibility
    Alexa compatibility
  • Something else (comments, please)
    Something else (comments, please)
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