How To PastaDrop

  1. You Pick an Unsuspecting Friend
  2. Fate Decides the Amount of Pasta
  3. You Both Share a Laugh

Drop Three

The Linguine

PastaDrop #3: A Sight To Behold!


For this week’s noodle, lead pasta engineer Horton Clegg looked no further than his hometown of Duluth, Minnesota for inspiration. Specifically, the Duluth International Airport.

As one lands at Duluth, they’ll see an intricate rendering of a common loon, the state bird of Minnesota, in a nearby field. It can appear, from the air, like an iridescent painting. But it is, in fact, a mosaic constructed by the famed Minneapolis-based mosaic artist Clair Vastille.

Clegg first saw it flying home from a junior squash tournament with his father when he was just twelve, and described the experience as revelatory:

“Certainly we’d flown before, but for some reason I’d never seen it. Or, at least, I’d never been so dazzled by it. I asked my father about it and he told me the story: Vastille had signed the contract without fully considering the scope of what was being demanded of her. It was the largest mosaic she’d ever done by far. After two weeks, she was spent, and yet she’d only completed half of the loon’s eye. According to my father, who had read the account in a local newspaper, she slept through her alarm each morning. Instead, it was her beloved fat little Yorkshire terrier–his name was Carl-- who woke her, licking her eyes until she finally rolled out of bed. If you walk out to the mosaic, you’ll find a small plague next to it that says simply: ‘For Carl’. I’ve thought about this for so long, how something so small as a terrier would have such an energizing effect. So of course I wanted to capture it in a noodle: the dog’s little tongue coaxing out something so beautiful.”

And he and his team of pasta engineers have done just that with the linguine (Italian for ‘little tongues’)!

Key Features and Specifications

  • Sauce-optimized design: Big and bold, the linguine will hold up to tomato sauces, fish-based sauces, and pesto sauces!

  • Pli-o-tek® Optimized Design: While its apparent heft may be intimidating, the linguine becomes pliable enough to conform to any bowl with the addition of just hot water!

  • The Perfect Girth-to-Length Ratio: Girthier than the spaghettini and yet just as long, the linguini defies typical noodle standards by being both skinny and thick!

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